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Particle Size & Image

Series of particle size and image analyzers covering 1 nm to 30 mm.

 • Laser Diffraction • DLS • Zeta Potential • Nano-Tracking  NTA • Static & Dynamic Image Analysis •   BET Surface Area • Sieve matching • On-line size measurement of dry particles  


Petrochemical Analyzers

XRF and Combustion Analyzers for Sulfur-Nitrogen & Chlorine by ASTM Methods for Fuels • Bio-diesels • Aviation • LPG • ULSD • Lubricants • Crude • Gasoline • ASTM D 7220 • 4294 • 4929C • 4629 • 5453 • 5667 • 7183 • 3961 

tornado spectral systems

Raman Analyzers

Tornado Spectral Systems is a leading manufacturer of chemical analysis and measurement systems using Raman spectroscopy. Tornado’s proprietary design techniques including HTVS eliminate spectrometer slit losses while keeping high spectral resolution.


Automated Wet Chemistry

EPA approved Automated Wet Chemistry Analysis for Nutrients • Pollutants •  NPDES •  NPDWS • Soils •  Plants •  Fresh &Salt Water sampling • Utilizes FIA for ultra low level detection & no carryover sample to sample.


Wet Jet Milling/Dispersing

Wet Milling of Particles • Dispersing • Emulsifying • De-laminating • Lab to Process Scale • Variable pressure, cooling, nozzles, collision media. • Create consistent nano to micron size and shapes from larger material.

Corona Virus Message

SAI is here to help you, our clients in any manner possible during this time of quarantine.  Our team of manufacturers are available to assist by phone, email, downloads and "Team Viewer". Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns that arise.

VIAVI Solutions

Lab, HH, and Process NIR

 NIR spectrometer for Lab, Process, & Handheld (mobile) applications.

 • Miniature in size • Bluetooth & WiFi compatible • Perfect for Pharma • PAT • Dairy • Grain• Crops • Polymers • QC & Chemical Apps.•F ats, Oils, Moisture, Coatings • Blenders


elemental analyzers

Carbon-Hydrogen-Nitrogen- Oxygen-Sulfur Analyzers for Inorganic & Organic samples. Applications include Pure Metals • Steel Alloys • Glass • Ceramics • Ores • Soils • Limestone • 1 ppm-100% concentrations • Easy to use software, expert training & service


Bench top NMR

• Solid-liquid ratio • Highly para-magnetic species • Polymers - solutions and melts • Wetted surface area • Nano-particle kinetic processes • Surfactant and polymer absorption • 10 MHz -25 MHz magnet • 1.6, 5, 8 mm NMR tubes

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 March 8th to 12th, 2021

Exhibits - 9th - 11th

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August 31st & Sept. 1st

Huntington Convention Ctr

Cleveland, oh

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IMAT 2020                       America's Center

Sept. 13th - 16th             St. Louis, MO

Innopharma technology and 
Horiba Instruments announce exclusive distribution in the Americas!
Check out the Eyecon2 process & at-line particle size analyzer for PAT, Pharma, Mixing, Chemical, Food, Polymer, etc. will be distributed and serviced by Horiba Scientific.